About Us

Holly Christy ND, LAc (LEAMP)

Dr. Holly Christy is the Medical Director and founder of Element 7 Wellness. She is passionate about working with each patient on a highly individualized plan to reach their optimal wellness. Although her focus is mostly on the physical aspects of wellness, she recognizes that true wellness is established by addressing all elements of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and financial.

Dr. Christy is a graduate and instructor for the Counterstrain Academy. To read more about this service, please check out the link above.

“Of all the modalities I’ve been exposed to in my career, Counterstrain is the most evolved and astoundingly powerful. Counterstrain is based in science and applied anatomy, and through it, we are able to reach inside the body and restore function with very little effort. One patient described it as ‘invisible surgery’ - an apt description for this outstanding technique.”

Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture is the primary system of acupuncture Dr. Christy uses. This is an advanced system of acupuncture based on Dr. Tan’s 20+ years of research and study based on the ancient Chinese texts, including the I Ching. When combined with Counterstrain, impaired function is restored exponentially faster.

Dr. Christy offers intravenous therapy (chelation, nutrient therapy, high dose Vitamin C for oncology and chronic disease), BEMER therapy, and Prolotherapy.

A lifelong Washingtonian, Dr. Christy earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington, a Master of Acupuncture from Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She has been in practice since 2000.

Holly lives on Bainbridge Island with her family and thoroughly enjoys the myriad of outdoor activities available in the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite thing to do is play with her kids, and she cannot wait until they get old enough to share in her love of mountain biking and skiing.

Before medical school, Holly was a professional soccer player in Sweden, and played Division I soccer in college. She coached soccer throughout college, medical school and for the first few years of her practice. She earned a black belt in Tao-Zen Ryu Shindo in 2007.

Cyndi Moody, Clinic Manager

Cyndi is the Clinic Manager at Element 7 Wellness, overseeing all front-desk activities, patient interaction, scheduling, accounting and acts as Holly’s “Right-Hand Gal”.

Cyndi has more than 20+ years of experience in various Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Events roles, but it is her expertise in Business Operations that really sets her apart… a creative and strategic thinker, she has the gift of organization and the knack of quickly bringing order to chaos.

A dynamic, entrepreneurial executive, Cyndi combines a track record of success in driving business development with broad-based experience, transforming small companies into businesses that are able to achieve scalable growth.

Outside of the office, Cyndi is an amateur-gourmet cook, enjoys gardening, crafting, reading and spending quality time with family, friends and her fur- babies!

~ “The future is no place to place your better days” ~

About Us (Fusion Physical Therapy)

Emily Magers, PT

Emily Magers (formerly Brink) has been a licensed Physical Therapist in Washington state since 2000. Her clinical specialties are in Counterstrain (a unique hands-on Manual Therapy that is comprehensive in diagnosing the cause of your movement or pain trouble and then alleviating that cause through a gentle but powerful technique that continues to grow and expand every year). Emily has immersed herself in the study of Counterstrain from the top 2 educational providers for the technique, the Jones Institute and the Counterstrain Academy, since 2011. She has strived to Master this powerful technique and apply it clinically for successful outcomes for you, her clients. By working in the fascial systems of the body (fascia envelops every structure in your body) and impacting its receptors, tissues in the body that are being “hijacked” into tension, spasm, or worse are allowed to relax and heal.

Another recent add to her skill mix, Emily is also a Certified Ergonomist by the American Posture Institut) which allows her to look at your posture, your “work” situation and more, and make highly personalized recommendations to improve those factors that are at odds with your optimal function at work (whether you are working at a traditional brick and mortar business or virtually). Her traditional PT background is in Movement System Impairments (as taught by Dr Shirley Sahrmann at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Physical Therapy Program) and complements her post graduate studies in Counterstrain and CErg nicely as it provides a functional movement assessment framework and movement pattern correction as well as corrective exercise strategies. Combined, Emily’s skill set will help you achieve your desired outcomes—whether they be moving pain free or regaining movements/activities with more ease and less restriction.

Emily is a lifelong equestrian (horseback rider) and has the tales and injuries to go along with that particular sport. Counterstrain has proven a most useful method to aid her in recovery from injury (both recent and from a few years back). If she is not off riding Chili around local trails, you may find her out hiking in the Pacific Northwest or walking she and her husband Robert’s 2 dogs (Jack and Jake) on beautiful Whidbey Island.

Emily is committed to helping you, her client, improve movement and quality of life by decreasing pain, improving mobility and correcting functional movement faults and postures.