Intravenous Therapy

Using intravenous (IV) therapy
is a fast and powerful way to deliver nutrients to the body. IV therapy is particularly useful for those patients with compromised digestion. Many people who cannot digest well end up eliminating their oral nutrients, whether in food or supplement, because they’re unable to absorb them. Instead of absorbing through the intestinal wall and then pass through the liver, IV therapy delivers nutrients DIRECTLY into the circulation. It represents by far the most streamlined method for treating nutritional shortcomings.

Typically, we offer IV therapy to patients needing extra nutrients
to strengthen the body’s terrain, including boosting immunity, and making the terrain inhospitable to cancer, viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can also help rejuvenate damaged tissue by providing the ingredients the body needs to repair itself.

Myers Cocktail:
Often getting a simple Myers Cocktail (comprised of B vitamins, Vit C, and minerals) can act as a “pick-me-up” and also help you get over colds and flus easier. It has been used for over 30 yrs for various other conditions, including boosting athletic performance, migraine prevention, depression, fatigue, asthma and more. Here is a great article about the Myers Cocktail:

Intravenous Vitamin C in Oncology support:

  • I.V. vitamin C increases quality of life.
  • I.V. vitamin C prolongs survival.
  • I.V. vitamin C works synergistically with conventional cancer therapies.
  • I.V. route of administration achieves plasma levels of vitamin C consistent with concentrations demonstrated in vitro to be cytotoxic to several cancer cell lines.
  • I.V. vitamin C inhibits hyaluronidase, an enzyme produced by cancer cells responsible for the breakdown of healthy tissue facilitating tumor progression and metastasis.
  • I.V. vitamin C increases intracellular hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is directly cytotoxic to cancer cells. At concentrations achieved through I.V. administration, vitamin C overwhelms the ability of cancer cells to suppress hydrogen peroxide production.
  • I.V. vitamin C corrects an ascorbate deficiency, often seen in cancer patients.
  • I.V. vitamin C helps prevent systemic free radical injury.

Research articles on IV Vitamin C: